Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Gmail account up for grabs!

I'm celebrating the sucess of this blog! About three weeks ago I put up a site meter, signed up with some blog directories, and told a few bloggers about the site. I have recently been getting around 60-80 hits a day and around 1,200 in those three weeks, which is very cool. To celebrate I am giving away a Gmail invite!

I've got a Gmail invite for whoever wants to beg. The conditions - either link to this site from your blog, or write me something I would want to post here on my blog (just put it in the comment and I'll copy and post it). Use the comments to let me know if you link. I'll make the final decision within a few days. Good luck!

Chris Rush Cohen

(P.S. - Maybe I'll even give out an extra one if I get a bunch of entries)


Blogger bhaumick said...


Can u please send me a gmail invite?
Thank you


8/01/2004 12:57 AM  

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