Monday, June 14, 2004

Obsessive blogging - Mr. Wiggins' side of the story

Perhaps you saw the New York Times article concerning obsessive blogging that ran in late May (unfortunately the article is now in the NYT archives so you'll have to pay to see it, unless of course you want to see an infringing distribution about halfway down the page on this website or here). I actually saw the article in the International Herald Tribune while in France, on vacation (during which I posted on the rare occasion, I should add). There is a decent summary of the article here.

The article, at one point discusses a Mr. Wiggins and his masturbatory like addiction to blogging. The author creates the image of addicted bloggers sitting on toilets posting to their blogs while on vacation and includes a photo of Mr. Wiggins posting poolside surrounded by relaxing vacationers. According to the article, the addict blogger hides his embarrassing habit from his family and friends like he was shooting up heroin.

Mr. Wiggins' blog is here. He writes about the NYT article here (actually the post largely concerns the computer he is using in the photo), the post includes the picture from the article.

Here's the funny part - apparently Mr. Wiggins actually contacted the reporter to tell her about an idea he had for an article he thought she'd be interested in. She asked him if he'd told anyone else about it, he said no, but noted that he posted about it on his blog, which was read by almost no one. The conversation with the reporter then quickly turned to why he wrote stuff no one reads and voila, the conversation and article topic morphed into one about "obsessive" blogging that made Mr. Wiggins out to be a rather pathetic specimen (whether he was aware of the thrust of the article prior to its publication is unclear). The reporter is completely unsure of why a person would write anything that they are not paid for.

Mr. Wiggins commented on this post on my friend Tom's blog, Tom Thinks, to tell more about his side of the story.

Noteworthy is the fact that Mr. Wiggins posts to his blog far less than most bloggers I know or read (including myself)...does that mean we should all be attending B.A. meetings?


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