Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Bizzare copyright case

Bob and Marion

Here is a link to one of the most bizarre copyright cases I've seen in a long time. Apparently Bob Shell, a photographer, who is being charged in the the death (drug overdose) and subsequent defilement of one of his models (named Marion Franklin) is suing the police for copyright infringement because they took a bunch of his photos. Remember, innocent until proven guilty.

Bob Shell's homepage here, with discussion of his criminal case.
Bob Shell's memorium to Marion Franklin here.
More Bob Shell photos here and here (not safe for work, some nudes)
Apparently Bob Shell was also into alien autopsy film stuff.

I think I'll stop poking around now, before this gets any more weird.

Article about the copyright case here.

UPDATE: here's another article in the case, it doens't offer any more than the first though. And another.

If you see any new info please put the link in a comment below.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Published on January 11, 2005. Article 4 of 4 found.

Page: B3

Radford photographer Bob Shell is not entitled to seek damages against the Radford Police Department in connection with images the department seized as part of the criminal investigation of him.Federal judge Glen Conrad issued an opinion Monday that the Radford police department's use of Shell's images does not violate copyright law because the use was part of a criminal investigation and the department did not benefit commercially from that use.

6/09/2005 4:09 PM  

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