Friday, July 30, 2004

Denise Howell on blogging trials

Denise Howell of Bag and Baggage fame recently had a very interesting article on about blogging ongoing trials. She discusses how blogging trials can be an effective alternate media outlet that is controlled by the client, attorneys, and if the client is really rich (like Martha Swewart style) then also the public relations people. She also warns that there are major pitfalls to blogging a trial. It is truly a facinating endeavor.

In the article Denise interviews several hot-stuff attorneys about their experiences with blogging trials. One of these is New York attorney Robert G. Morvillo, who recently defended Martha Stewart. He came to one of my ethics classes at Cardozo and spoke to us about the Stewart defense. I remember him discussing the blog and how useful it had been to get their infomation and spin out there into the media.

The lawyers interviewed say it costs a load to have a trial blogged. It got me to thinking, any lawyers who want their trial blogged I'll set up a nice looking site for you and put your posts up at a cut rate price compared to those other guys! Hell, I do all this for nada already.

Anyway, go read Denise's article, it's great stuff.


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