Saturday, August 21, 2004

JibJab, are we finally done with you?

Ernest at The Importance of and Mary Hodder of Napsterization believe that the JibJab copyright controversy over the use of the song "This Land is our Land" has been settled in favor of JibJab. The EFF, JibJab's representation, will neither confirm nor deny the rumor. Congrats to the JibJab guys for sticking it out (if it's all true that is).

My former JibJab related posts:
JibJab video: parody or satire? [original post stating that the video is satire, linked to on Slashdot, etc.]
JibJab video: am I to be labeled a flip-flopper? [follow-up post in which, due largely to new information, I entertain the idea that the JibJab video may actually be parody ]


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