Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Free Apple iPod or the better Dell DJ?

There's been plenty of chatter about the free scheme, in particulr this article in WIRED. My understanding is that they do in fact give you a free iPod...if you can go out and get a bunch of your friends to sign up for new credit cards and such (and don't mind giving them your personal info). If you want an iPod and can't afford the ridiculous price check it out, even Kevin over at Tech Law Advisor is getting in on the action. Here's Gizmodo's link to a referer site that can help you beat the free system.

My advice: if you're making a choice between the two and paying, go with the Dell DJ. They're better and cheaper - longer battery life, $100 bucks less, and with the addition of DudeBox ($25) a massively superior drag and drop Windows Explorer style computer interface.

More on my Dell DJ vs. Apple iPod thoughts can be found here. For the record, I had an iPod (which I hated) and recently got a DJ (which I really like so far), a full review of the DJ is in the works.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah,I went to that free scheme because i'm just 14 and can't afford a quality mp3 player such as an iPod or Dell dj. I love music and think mp3's are a better alternative to buying c.d.'s. I got all the way past the survey and the part where you have to participate in an offer. Half of the offers you couldn't get in to such as Blockbuster, or My advice to teenagers out there who want a good mp3 player, don't go to "free" and get caught up in the scam!!!!!!!!!

10/19/2004 9:19 PM  

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