Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Ambush marketing of the Olympics

As could be expected, companies that did not monetarily support the Olympic Games are nonetheless using the imagery and goodwill of the games to market their products. This is known as "ambush marketing" and is meant to associate the goods of the advertiser with the Games (or whatever else) even though the advertiser is not actually a donor.

The Canadian Olympic Committee is accusing advertisers of running "ambush" marketing campaigns during the CBC's Olympic broadcast and is considering legal action.
Several advertisers, including the TSX, have agreed to modify their ads to assuage the COC. Like many other ads not authorized by the COC, the TSX spot uses athletic themes to refer indirectly to the Games, but stops short of using
the Olympic trademark or the Olympic rings.
Article here.

Past post on ambush marketing during the "Friend's" finale and the Superbowl, etc.


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