Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Violence & Video Games

I've posted on this several times before. Most recently railing on Hillary Clinton for caring more about a sex scene in a video game than about gaurding the subways from terrorism (here). And also giving a sigh of relief that a murderer didn't get off on some "the game made me do it defense" in a recent case (here). Here's a few others: new violent NARC game in which the player can do drugs; IL tries to outlaw violent games; & WA ct strikes down law against violent games.

Now the NYT has an article out that it seems to think will close the debate (but not all American's are people of science, as we well know). The article is titled 'The Claim: Violent Video Games Make Young People Aggressive.' Apparently some psycologist has been doing research on the violence and video games question for 20 years (have video games really been around that long?). He finds, shockingly, exectly what you would think...

THE BOTTOM LINE Studies generally show that violent video games can have short-term, or momentary, effects on children, but there is little evidence of long-term changes.

Seems pretty obvious right? That's why juries don't buy the 'game made me do it defense.' Because someone who commits violent crime does it because they have some sort of problem, not because of a game, movie, TV show, or violent book that they read. So, Jack Thompson and the like, when will you stop your moronic campaign against free speech in art? There are sooooo many better movements you could be involved in that would actually help people.


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