Friday, July 30, 2004

A little friday fun, in Kanji

This is certainly the first time this site has been discussed in Kanji.

ErnieはJibJabと音楽出版社の争いに対するわたしの主張にとても良くできた反論を書いている。Martinもそうだ。かれらが正しいことを願っている。Chris Cohenによる関連した判例のすばらしいコレクションも参照。

Hey, so I have no idea what this says, but it's a link from Lessig Blog Japan via CNet Japan (actually it is this post as translated into Kanji, so I do know what it says). The post concerns the recent JibJab crisis and links to Ernie, Martin, and myself. That's pretty cool to get linked in Japan, and also pretty cool having your blog translated into other languages and syndicated by CNet.

You can check out the full Lessig Blog in Kanji, it probably won't do you any good though (I feel pretty confident saying that because I know from "site meter" tracking data that 100% of my readers use an English language browser).


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