Sunday, October 10, 2004

It's that easy to get content removed

An interesting copyright law related project with worrisome results.

Members of the Bits of Freedom group conducted a test to see how much it would take for a service provider to take down a website hosting public domain material. They signed up with 10 providers and put online a work by Duthc author Multatuli, who died over 100 years ago. They stated that the work was in the public domain, and that it was written in 1871. They then set up a fake society to claim to be the copyright holders of the work. From a Hotmail address, they sent out complaints to all 10 of the providers. 7 out of 10 complied and removed the site, one within just 3 hours.
Boing Boing: HOWTO censor the net with a Hotmail account

Here's a link to the research findings (PDF).


Blogger Tristan Reveur said...

Another wonderful piece of watch dog information. Thanks Chris, this is quite interesting and disturbing. - T.R

10/15/2004 2:52 AM  

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