Thursday, October 21, 2004

Blawger Bowl week 6 memo

Here's the Week 6 Blawger Bowl memo, just in time to get us all worked up for Week 7:

It was another exciting week for us attorney and techie fantasy footballers. We may be too busy and/or lazy to actually get up and throw a real ball, but a few of us sure can shuffle our fantasy players around effectively.

Bizz Bang Buzz should know by now that attorneys like to see full on winners and losers. Yet, for a second time BBB pulls off the unlikely tie game. This week it was with The Importance Of... One of the reasons we like to have winners and losers is so there can be legitimate trash talking. But wait! We can still trash talk a bit here - Ernest would've had a sure win if only he'd played a tight end. We know, you're busy ( got some players with byes this week people).

At the top of the stack is the still undefeated Invent Blog team. Invent Blog steam rolled Actual Malice for their 6th victory in a row, with Michael Vick having another big week. Likely only because Tiki Barber had a bye week, Actual Malice came within 7, oh so close to bringing down the champ. What we all want to know: Who can stand up to the Invent Blog team and end this reign of terror? (I have a feeling it could be patently obvious.)

At the other end of the spectrum is Tim Marman's "the team formerly known as Loosely Coupled." Loosely Coupled has decided it just isn't even worth pretending that they're showing up for their games and has been renamed "Bye Week." BW was crushed by Promote the Progress thanks to good showings by Leftwich and Droughns. We'll see if PtP can maintain their roll and Promote the whipping of Actual Malice in week 7.

The big score of the week was by Patently Obvious with a whopping 148 points, dayum man! Every player but the defense of the PO team scored double digits making for a slaughter of Kevin Heller's TechLawAdvisor team. Daunte Culpepper scored a whopping 44 for PO alone. PO has been running up big numbers all season, perhaps here in Week 7 Patently Obvious will be the one to take down the big dog Invent Blog. Stayed tuned, this is a huge match up!

The Libertarians laid the smack down on Unbillable Hours with an as usual good showing by Priest Holmes. Not that a kicker would've saved UBH from defeat, but it never hurts to field a full team. The Libertarians are currently holding on to the number three spot while UBH is struggling to grab the losers crown from Bye Week.

Last but certainly not least was the matchup between my very own Inducers and Ernie the Attorney. The Inducers choked Yankee-style in the face of a team with that was missing a tight end and a running back. How could that happen you ask? Well five of the Inducers, including Q. Griffin, scored under 6 points each. For the Inducers, the defense was second in scoring only to V. Testeverde, who himself did not have a stellar week. Ernie's team, on the other hand, had a successful week with Taylor and the Washington defense each bringing in big numbers and allowing the victory despite the two missing players. In the post-game interview the Inducer coach said "how embarrassing, how did I end up drafting all these clowns?" When tracked down and awakened by reporters, Ernie the Attorney said, "Oh crap...did we field a full team? No? Did we win? Yeah? Cool! Heh heh, those loser Inducers!"


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