Sunday, October 17, 2004

Creative Commons

There's an article out about Creative Commons. If you don't know what CC is, go read the article and then check out the Creative Commons website. CC needs more public attention.

AP - Movement Seeks Copyright Alternatives

Note that this site, as well as many other blogs, are licensed under a Creative Commons License (see the "CC" graphic near the bottom of the column on the left). Here is my license version.

The cool thing about CC is that everyone else can see what copyright rights you are reserving and whether you are allowing commercial uses or the creation of derivitive works of the material you've made. Under regular old copyright a person who wishes to use some of your material has to assume the strongest protection of the material, which is a big incentive not to use it at all. If the creator doesn't mind if others use the material, well then, that's a shame that others just assume they can't use it. It would be great if more big time artists began using CC, as several have begun doing already, such as Gilberto Gil, David Byrne, etc. There are special CC licenses for various types of creative works such as audio, written, etc.

Go check it out and if you have a web page make it a CC page.


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